Clean linens and towels bring clean, class, and comfort to any business

Whether you need linens for extravagant dining or towels for routine cleaning, our high-quality, regularly replaced linens and towels ensure the utmost hygiene for everyone in your business.

SUPERIOR linen services





Linens Rental Program Benefits

  • =Our line of linen and towel products is thorough, covering all cleaning and professional needs
  • =Never run out of products with our inventory monitoring
  • =Commercial-grade cleaning ensures your linens and towels are always maximally clean
  • =Mitigate the variable costs associated with laundering in-house

How The Linen and Towel Rental Program Works

Select from a number of towels and linens that meet the needs of your business.

We help determine the quantity you need at any given time based on your usage

Receive fresh, professionally laundered towels and linens on time each week

We pick up your soiled linens and towels and clean them with our commercial-grade cleaning process to remove stains

Your levels of inventory are regularly monitored so your business always has what it needs

Linen and Towel FAQs


Do I have to make any initial investments before getting started?

No – purchasing linens or towels is not necessary to begin our rental service.

Why is renting better than using disposables?

Customers prefer the look and feel of non-disposable towels and linens, which increase your business’s image and decrease its environmental impact – an increasingly important topic among consumers today.

What industries do you offer towel services for?

Our towel service is available to all types of businesses, including but not limited to hotels, gyms, and spas. If your business requires towels, we can help!

What types of linens do you offer for restaurants?

The food and hospitality industries call on us for napkins and hand towels, in addition to their uniform needs like cook pants, shirts, chef pants, and more.

Payment Options

Cash or Check on Delivery

ACH Bank Withdrawals

Credit Card Payments